Aytan Y. Bellin

Aytan Y. Bellin, Esq.Aytan Y. Bellin is the managing attorney of Bellin & Associates LLC and has been an attorney since 1991. Mr. Bellin concentrates in abuse and neglect cases arising in nursing homes, hospitals and assisted living facilities. Mr. Bellin also concentrates in litigation for long-term care benefits, consumer litigation, and elder law and trusts and estates. Mr. Bellin has handled numerous complex cases in both the federal and state courts from trial through appeal, and has negotiated numerous favorable settlements for his clients.

Mr. Bellin was drawn to his areas of practice as a result of personal experience, and has a deep understanding of the challenges people face when trying to care for a loved one who is chronically ill. He takes great personal satisfaction in helping clients overcome these challenges, especially when they face institutions and individuals that do not live up to their obligations to provide the care they have promised and are required to provide.

In 2015, Mr. Bellin was awarded the New York State Bar Association’s Elder Law and Special Needs Section Award for advocating for the rights of the elderly and disabled through litigation.

Mr. Bellin previously served as counsel to the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law, a nationally-recognized interdisciplinary commission, appointed by the New York State Governor, with a mandate to develop legal, ethical and policy recommendations for New York State on issues raised by medical advances. Mr. Bellin has also served as a member of the Institutional Review Boards of two major New York hospitals, where he reviewed the ethics of proposed research studies involving human subjects.

Mr. Bellin graduated from Columbia Law School in 1991, where he won numerous academic awards and was an editor of the Columbia Law Review. Mr. Bellin graduated from Yale College in 1987, magna cum laude, with a B.A. in psychology.

Mr. Bellin lives in Westchester county with his wife and two children.

Mr. Bellin would like to help you and your family. You can contact Mr. Bellin at (914) 358-5345 or aytan.bellin@bellinlaw.com.